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Ten-year-old Shayan Ahmed, who passed his AS level in computing yesterday, hopes to pursue a career in IT. In a podcast...

Rebecca Thomson
Computer Weekly

Ten-year-old Shayan Ahmed, who passed his AS level in computing yesterday, hopes to pursue a career in IT. In a podcast interview with Computer Weekly, Ahmed spoke of his desire to become a web designer.

In this e-guide, we tackle the issue of diversity in the IT industry and try to uncover why the number of women choosing IT as a career has been stagnating over the past few years. We also dissect some of the solutions that will help to increase the number of women in IT offered up by those fighting on the front line.

Shayan, from Walsall in the West Midlands, is already building his own website, which will allow him to write a blog for his family.

"I am really happy. Really glad. For me that's the best result," he said after receiving his AS level results yesterday.

Shayan spent every Saturday for a year studying at Ryde Teaching Services in Bushey, Hertfordshire, to gain his AS level. He was previously awarded a GCSE grade B in Information and Communication Technologies at the age of seven.

Shayan plans to celebrate today with his family and friends by going bowling. Shayan developed an interest in computers at the age of two when his grandfather bought him an Apple Mac.

His friends think his success at AS level is "quite cool", he said.

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FIG 12

SLFN5 expression is reduced in a large independent cohort of RCC patient samples and correlates with prognosis. (A) The RNA-seq data set from 470 RCC samples and 68 controls was downloaded from the TCGA Data Portal. Differential expression analysis was performed using Student's test. The resultant values were adjusted for false discovery rate (FDR) by using Benjamini and Hochberg's approach, and only adjusted values of <0.05 were considered statistically significant. The FDR value of the gene is 4.09E−06. (B to D) The Kaplan-Meier curves of high- and low-expression groups of candidate genes using RNA-seq data from 470 RCC samples. For each gene, the RCC samples were classified into high- or low-expression groups according to whether the expression of the candidate gene was greater than the median expression of the candidate gene. The values from log rank tests comparing the two Kaplan-Meier curves are shown in each figure. (B) Higher expression of SLFN5 leads to a better overall survival ( value = 0.0039). (C) Significant correlation between high MMP-13 expression and adverse overall survival ( value = 0.0098). (D) No significant correlation observed between MMP-1 and survival ( value = 0.136).

UGG Chancey J4seA8k
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Although the precise biochemical functions and mechanisms of action of members of the Schlafen family of proteins remain to be established, there has been emerging evidence implicating human SLFNs in the control of various cellular functions and in the pathophysiology of some diseases. Human SLFN11 has been shown to inhibit viral protein synthesis in HIV-infected cells ( New Balance WW769v1 ZoA6SGoe
) and to sensitize malignant cells to DNA-damaging agents and other chemotherapeutic cells ( SOREL Torpeda Sandal AGfhZBqUd
). Human SLFN5 has been implicated in the control of anchorage-independent growth of malignant melanoma cells ( Bandolino Sarita kM8fGuB6
), while human SLFN12 has been implicated in the control of differentiation of prostate epithelial cells ( ZLNY Toledo Instep Strap Sneakers ECwfkK

In the present study, we provide evidence implicating SLFN5 in RCC progression and invasiveness and, for the first time, identify a specific mechanism by which this occurs. Our studies establish that SLFN5 knockdown in renal cell carcinoma cells results in a distinct cellular phenotype characterized by a dramatic loss of stress fibers, a decrease in cell size, and enhanced cell motility. Using RNA-seq analysis, we identified groups of genes involved in cell morphology, as well as cellular assembly and organization, whose expression is increased upon SLFN5 knockdown in kidney cancer cells. Among these genes were MMP genes, whose protein products are involved in remodeling of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and play a role in RCC invasion ( MM6 Maison Margiela Mixed Material Creeper High Top obWgSx42
, Vince Camuto Talise Chunky Heel Dress Pump 8wJVCim
). Significantly, RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated targeting of MMP-1 and MMP-13 reverses the SLFN5 knockdown-induced invasion of RCC cells.

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